XinJiang Uighur Ghijek / Ghijak / 艾捷克

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This fascinating rare instrument is called ‘Ghijak’ / ‘Ghijek’ / Gidjak and in few other names. In modern Mandarin it is spelled 艾捷克 and in Uyghur it is spelled ئەكرەم ئۆمەر.

It is a wondering instrument, that is mostly popular in Central Asia region, in countries such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and in Xinjiang where it is the most popular.

It is made by a great master in Kashgar out of selected wood. The bowl is made of 2 halves that in the middle, a skin of python snake is stretched (not visible in the pictures).

This instrument had a professional setup by our team which includes:

  • New bridge
  • Nut lowering for comfortable playing
  • New high quality strings

Comes with:

  • Bow
  • Soft case
  • Extra set of strings



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