Syrian Oud by Zeryab (Ali khalife) – Premium 6

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Zeryab premium, for professional musicians. Made for players with sound, look and comfort are in mind. The Zeryab premium 2 has a modern design, with very comfortable strings action. The sound is rich with harmonies and features a wet full sound. This is oud is made from the best materials, and its warm sound is loved by all its listeners. With its hand made roesstas, this is a Syrian oud from the highest grade. The design of this oud is taken from the classics of iraqi oud's design, featuring 'shami' sound holes. This oud was built in the spirit of the Syrian maker “Sabsaby” that is know for this special shape.

Body:  Turkish walnut
Neck: Walnut
Top: Cedar
Bridge: Fixed

  • Comes with Truss Rod mechanism – a screw along the neck that allows easy fine adjustments for comfortable string action and desirable sound.
  • Ebony pegs have been hand fitted to match the holes and allow easy tuning
  • Comes with German Pyramid strings – 650/11
  • Free soft case and picks / rishas


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