Syrian Oud by Zeryab (Ali khalife) Premium 16 – Damascus Style Ebony & Sycamore


Zeryab new 2018 PREMIUM model. Featuring luxury Ebony & Sycamore wood. Very low string action: under 3mm, buzz free sound. Designed with 2 holes, for a punchy full sounding oud. The decorations are made by a fellow oud maker: Mohammad Sabsaby. This is an outstanding oud.


Body:  Sycamore & Ebony
Neck: Walnut with Truss rod
Fret board: Rosewood
Top: AA Spruce
Bridge: Fixed
Strings: Pyramid
Pegs: Ebony

Comes with:

  • Comes with Truss Rod mechanism – a screw along the neck that allows easy fine adjustments for comfortable string action and desirable sound.
  • Walnut pegs have been hand fitted to match the holes and allow easy tuning
  • German Pyramid strings
  • Free soft case and 4 picks / rishas

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