Syrian Oud by Zeryab (Ali khalife) Premium 14 – King Walnut Nahat

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Zeryab new 2018 PREMIUM model. Featuring luxury Syrian walnut wood, with long rosewood fret board. Very low string action: under 3mm, buzz free sound. The long fret board, gives this oud endless playing abilities. Designed with 1 hole, to get that old sound you’ve been looking for. Fully decorated, this is an outstanding oud.


Body:  Syrian walnut
Neck: Walnut with Truss rod
Fret board: Rosewood
Top: AA Cedar
Bridge: Fixed
Strings: Pyramid
Pegs: Ebony

Comes with:

  • Comes with Truss Rod mechanism – a screw along the neck that allows easy fine adjustments for comfortable string action and desirable sound.
  • Walnut pegs have been hand fitted to match the holes and allow easy tuning
  • German Pyramid strings
  • Free soft case and 4 picks / rishas
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Zeryab Ouds – Ali khalifeh family

Buy Zeryab oud‘Ali khalifeh’ are a well known name in the Arabic ouds world; any expert will know that name very well. The family are building great instruments since 1948, high quality ouds for a fast growing audience in Syria and around the world. Today, even though the difficult situation in Syria, the family keeps doing the thing they do the best – building ouds. Under the new name Ziryab ouds, they build wide variety of ouds in a range of styles and prices.
The vision of Zeryab is to craft professional ouds in the old quality but with new modern twist; Combining unique ideas and high technology.

At Zeryab ouds you will find use of advanced technologies with traditional ornaments and rosetta design. High quality of raw material such as Ebony, walnut, cedar and spruce make the ouds sound outstanding. More over, all of Zeryab Syrian ouds are equipped with a unique mechanism: Truss Rod. This allows the musician to set his desired string action and customize the comfort and sound of the oud.

Syrian Oud

A typical Syrian oud is characterized by deep and slightly dry sound. Famous among Syrian ouds makers is ‘Nahat’, the great maker from Damascus. At our shop you can find ‘Zeryab Premium 1’ which is a replica of his building, featuring similar rosseta and holes design, along the famous ‘Nahat’ sound. You are welcome to wonder in our shop and find an oud to your taste. There is nothing like a real syrian oud, which is made in the traditional ways and with the real Syrian Arabic sound.

high technology oud makingZiryab factory for the manufacture of machine lute music

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