Syrian Oud by Zeryab (Ali khalife) Premium 12 – Rosewood & Walnut

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Zeryab new 2018 PREMIUM model. An artistic mix of woods, the sharpness of the AA grade rosewood, with the soft touch of Walnut wood. It is the dream oud of every oud player. Very low string action: under 3mm, buzz free sound. The long fret board, gives this oud endless playing abilities.

Body:  Rosewood + Walnut
Neck: Walnut with Truss rod
Fret board: Rosewood
Top: AA Cedar
Bridge: Fixed

  • Comes with Truss Rod mechanism – a screw along the neck that allows easy fine adjustments for comfortable string action and desirable sound.
  • Walnut pegs have been hand fitted to match the holes and allow easy tuning
  • German Lenzner strings
  • Free soft case and 4 picks / rishas

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