Professional Turkish Oud – Rosewood+Juniper (Master Kamil)


Professional Turkish oud with specifications that belong only to high premium ouds. It features top grade wood and meticulous hand work. Made by One of today’s most appreciated makers, located in Ankara: Kamil Gul. Kamil build very clean ouds, with fantastic sound. They have just about the right Turkish tone that a player is looking for.


  • Pegs: Hand fitted rosewood pegs
  • Neck: Ebony
  • Top: Spruce
  • Low strings action for easy of play
  • Bowl: Made of Rosowood and Juniper woods
  • Scale: 58.5cm
  • Tuning: Turkish \ D

What’s included?

  • Soft case
  • 3* Oud picks (risha)

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