Professional Turkish ney – by ‘Ney Adana’ – All keys

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All neys are hand picked and oiled every month for best sound. The neys are made by Husseyin, a ney master from Adana. Husseyin harvests the canes himself to make sure only highest grade canes are used. The canes are ‘Hatai’ near the border with Syria, as in this area grow the best canes. Every ney is checked and tested by a neyzen (professional ney player) for full playability in both high and low registers.

You should know:

  • As most players in Turkey and around the world are playing with the left hand on the top. By default we are sending all our neys with a back hole located on the left side. If you need a ney with the hole on the right side, please contact us before ordering.
  • The most recommended scale for turkish music is B (kiz) and for Arabic music D (sipurde). The scale is named after the second hole, when 5 fingers are close.
  • All Husseyin’s ney are great instruments, and are perfect for learning and performing. If you are looking for higher grade of neys (thicker canes) visit our concert Turkish ney page.


  • Neys are minimum 23mm thick, allowing warm deep sound
  • All neys are 100% tuned to 440HZ
  • Mouthpiece (Turkish: Bashpare) is made of best quality ‘Derlin’

Comes with:

  • Luxury leather like hard case, Beautiful and practical for carrying around.

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