Professional Persian Tar 3/4 – Master Keshavarez

$1,300.00 $890.00

This unique 3/4 tar was made especially by master Keshavarez for us. It is a great solution for: People with small hands, kinds, traveling instrument and more. Although it is smaller than normal size tar, it is not less quality. Tuning is the same, and the sounds is great.

The instrument:

  • Tar made of aged mulberry wood. Made and signed with Keshavarez signature – a world famous Tar maker.
  • Professional well fitted pegs for easy tuning
  • Neck is camel bone
  • Saddle from buffalo horn
  • Nut from bone

Come with

  • Tar mizrab (pick) with natural bees wax included (used for better grip)
  • Extra set of strings

Comes with

  • Soft case

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Persian tar for kids
Professional Persian Tar 3/4 – Master Keshavarez

$1,300.00 $890.00

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