Professional Armenian duduk – Key A Concert – Karen Hakobayan

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Dear customers, Karen Hakobyan is no longer making instruments.
We are now selling Master Galstyan’s duduks. The quality is uncompromising and is set to the highest standard. Among the players who play his instruments: J. Gasparyan, Ara Mkoyan, Ararat Dallaqyan, Vitaliy Poghosyan, Arshak Sahakyan and more.
Check his A duduk here: Master Galstyan Concert A duduk.

Professional Armenian duduk in the key of A (la). Made and signed by one of the best duduk makers in Yerevan: Master Karen Hakobayan. This is the recommended key for beginners.

2 professional duduk mouthpiece (‘Ghamish’), and free soft case are included.

  • 100% tuned to A440.
  • Made of high quality apricot wood, aged from 2004-2006.
  • Professional instrument with truly magical sound. This is not one of these 50$ cheap instruments you’d find in ebay. This is the real deal

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