Professional Armenian Blul Master Galstyan

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A professional-level Armenian blul, also named: Srink / Sring / Kaval. The blul is available in 2 versions: Chromatic and Diatonic. It is part of the kaval family, and is blown similar to the ney.

Handcrafted and signed by one of the best blul makers in Yerevan: Master Galstyan.

  • 100% tuned to A440.
  • Made of high-quality apricot wood, aged from

For beginners: We recommend the key D, as it is the most popular and easy to play

This ships from Armenia

About Master Galstyan

Master Galust Galstyan and his family have been making Bluls for over 40 years. He has made instruments for Armenia’s most famous blul players as well. Galstyan’s musical instruments are recognized all over the world. The fine handwork results in instruments that have the highest sound quality, clean timbre and impressive look. Galstyan puts his love of and 40 years of experience in Armenian wind making traditions into each instrument.

The Woods

Master Galstyan uses only AAA quality apricot wood. He dries each log for at least 7-10 years before starting the process. The Blul is available in 1 color: burgundy. 100% natural lime oil is used to get that famous burgundy color.

Apricot wood logs for Armenian duduk
Cut logs on the last treatment before drying for a minimum of 8 years. Is one of them your duduk?


Who Plays Master Galstyan’s instruments?

Musicians from all over the world are choosing master Galstyan clean work, meticulous handcraft, and accurate tuning. Including: J. Gasparyan, Ara Mkoyan, Ararat Dallaqyan, Vitaliy Poghosyan, Arshak Sahakyan, and more.

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Professional Armenian Blul Master Galstyan

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