Professional Arabic nay FULL SET 7 flutes – Ahmad Abd El Ghani + Hard Case

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Professional concert level Arabic ney from the renowned maker Ahmad Abd El Ghani, indisputably among the best Arabic nay makers in the world. Ahmad is a ney maker and nay player, his neys are made to perfection with meticulous hand craft. The holes are precisely made with high aesthetic in mind, and the sound has the original Arabic timbre. When choosing the canes, Ahmad is making sure that the cane are thick enough to produce the low tones like the low ‘Rast’ note on the lower octave. The use of high technology to produce perfect holes at a perfect diameter, along with traditional sanding techniques – creates a perfect nay.

The keys:

  • C – 675mm
  • D – 600mm
  • E – 534mm
  • F – 500mm
  • G – 450mm
  • A – 400mm
  • B – 350mm


  • Made of high quality Syrian/Turkish cane
  • Tuned 100% to A=440HZ
  • Signed by master Ahmad Abd El Ghani
  • Made of thick cane
  • Full set of 7 flutes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B

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