K&K Twin Spot Internal


The Twin Spot Internal is a double head piezo pickup that can amplify a variety of musical instruments.

Positioning the heads at 2 different locations, results in a balance and more rich with frequencies sound. The size of the heads is 1/2″ each only, which allows them to be sticked also in unique and uncommon surfaces, without special installation and harming the wood. The 2 stikers are connected using a special UV protected double side glue that allows many years of use. The ultra thin surface of the heads, increases the natural pass of all the harmonies and he frequencies directly to the pickup.

In this model, the PL plug is screwed into the instruments and allows a fast attachment without welding.

This model suits the follow instruments: Saz, Bouzouki, Baglama, Balalaika.

Technical details:

  • Diameter: 1/2″
  • Cable length: 30.5 cm
  • Plug: 1\4″ mono

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