Egyptian Kawala Arabic Kawala


The sound of the Egyptian kawala is just mesmerizing; you can’t resist it. This is a professional Arabic kawala made by a great master. It is 100% tuned to 440HZ, so if you want to play with other people – you will not have a problem.

The Egyptian Kawala is an instrument, where the player can really put his soul into the music. It’s often considered to have “human sound” to it. When you here the Kawala it touches you deeply, and we are happy to sell a very good Kawala, made by out trusted Kawala maker.

It is made of high-quality cane, harvested especially for this matter.

We are offering the Kawala in 2 keys: La & Sol. The classic one is A, and it’s the most recommended. Sol is a little longer and has more of a bass sound.

Comes with: Soft case

The amazing sound of the Egyptian kawala, by world’s best kawala player Abdallah Helmey:

High quality arabic Kawala
Egyptian Kawala Arabic Kawala

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