Concert Quality Zurna Zorna Sorna Mouthpiece – Pipe & Reed (ghamish)

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The world’s best Zurna Zorna mouthpiece. Used by almost all professional Turkish musicians, it is a mouthpiece made for perfection. The reed is carefully hand selected, for the best quality. The pipe is made of stainless steel for long durability. Before shipping, every reed and pipe are checked by the maker with the corresponding zurna key.

This Zurna mouthpiece will last many years when taken good care of. This mouthpiece is guaranteed for strong, full volume sound and 440HZ tuning.

Turkey’s best zurna players use this zurna: İbrahim Karaağaç, Mehmet Çelen, Güven Çetin, Burak Orhan and more

You get:

  • 1* Zurna mouthpiece: Pipe + Reed (Turkish: ‘ghamish’)

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