Concert Armenian Duduk – Master Galstyan – Key ‘A’

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A concert level Armenian Duduk by Armenia’s national master – master Galstyan. With 40 years of experience in producing the finest Armenian winds, these instruments are made for perfection. Galstyan work is characterizes with clean finish and the highest grade of apricot wood. This duduk has 100% guaranteed tuning (440HZ). This key (A) is the most popular and common Key, it is highly recommended.


Tuning: A / 440HZ
Wood: 7-10 years aged apricot
Maker: Master Galstyan
Length: 35cm

Comes With

  • 1 soft case
  • 1 reed (ghamish). By default we send soft reeds which are the easiest to play. If you wish Medium or Hard, please write it in the order comments in the checkout page.
  • Fingering chart for easy start

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