Azeri Gosha Nagara / Qoşa Nağara

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The magical sound of the ghosha naqara is now available for order in Ethnic Musical. Very rare instrument 32 years old.
The naqqāra, nagara or nagada is a Middle Eastern and Azeri drum with a rounded back and a hide head, usually played in pairs. It is thus a membranophone of the kettle drum variety.
The term naqqāra comes from the Arabic verb naqr- that means “to strike, beat”. The instrument was also adopted in Europe following the Crusades, and known as the naccaire or naker.
This percussion instrument is often played in pairs, where one naqqara will produce low pitch beats called nar and the other for the high pitch beats. The instruments are beaten with short wooden sticks bent outward at the upper ends called damka.
The rounded section of a naqqara is made of metal, while the flat side consists of treated skin fastened around the rim with string which is tightened over the back of the bowl.


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