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One of the most possibly exciting wind instruments. It's loud sound is well heard on Turkish happy occasions. Turkish zurnas are available in various qualities and designs. Read more...

About the Turkish Zurna

Our most professional model is made by master Ali reza acar, a real Zurna master from Istanbul. The Zurna instrument is a fascinating Middle Eastern instrument, perfect for anyone looking to expand on their knowledge of Turkish and worldbeat musical repertoire.

The Zurna instrument is played across Central Asia and the Balkans, and produces the most mystical sound within folk music. The sound produced by the Zurna is one of a high, piercing sound and is used primarily in folk music.

The Zurna instruments for sale on this page are manufactured with love and the best craftsmanship. Each instrument is made from plum, mulberry and great dried tonewoods to ensure that the sound produced from each Zurna is of exceptional quality. Every zurna comes with a fitting mouthpiece that is comfortable to play, even for beginner learners. The Zurna reed-making process that we use ensures that each Zurna reed price is competitive, and the Zurna reed is up to the highest standard of quality.

The Zurna Turkish instrument is definitely one of the more obscure, yet fascinating, instruments within the Middle Eastern musical genre. It is perfect for anyone that is hoping to expand on their Middle Eastern woodwind instrument collection and musical knowledge. Have a browse through our wide collection of wonderful Zurnas for sale. Here we have options for everyone’s tastes and budgets!