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The magic of Armenian woodwinds at your doorstep. We are the official dealers of Master Galstyan's Duduk along other local makers in Armenia. Making an Armenian wind instrument is a carefully kept art for over 1500 years. Read more...

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Instruments such as Shvi, Duduk & Pku are the ancestors of today's brass and winds. We are handpicking our instrument so you can be sure you are getting a concert grade wind instrument. A flute that was done with great care for finish and sound.

The Duduk is a fascinating instrument that has become integral to the music of Armenia. The Duduk can be seen to be played at a variety of events, festivals and parties in the country. At Ethnic Musical we have for sale world class duduks and Armenian winds instruments at the best prices. The Duduk is one of the most iconic and traditional Armenian instruments. It has also been appropriated into music from other countries across the Middle East, for example Iran and Turkey. The instrument was originally made from bone, and developed into a long reed instrument. Nowadays, the Duduk is separated between the instrument and the reed piece. The Duduks we have on offer are made from 6-8 years dried local apricot wood, which enhances the sound production of the instrument. You can find master grade reeds for a swift and easy playing experience, making our Duduks perfect for the beginner learner and also for any advanced musician.

Here you can find master Karen Hakobyan, Glastyan & George Misanov Duduks  and other amazing instruments on offer. You can be assured that each instrument is made from quality craftsmanship and has been tested by professional musicians to ensure that each instrument is up to performance standard.

Take a browse through our variety of Duduks and Armenian Wind instruments now to find the perfect product for you to enable you to begin your journey learning this magical and wonderful instrument. If you are interested about the process of making a Duduk and it's history, check our blog post: Duduk and beyond.