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On this page, you will find a large selection of Duduks, Zurna, and Neys made by top makers for you to choose from. These instruments produce the most mystic sound among Middle Eastern instruments, and a delight to learn on. Read more...

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Duduks are single or double reed instruments, and our particular Duduks are made from dry and aged woods. To buy an Armenian Duduk online may be difficult as you can not try it out beforehand, but have no fear. Each of our choices of professionally made Duduks for sale is of top quality and will not disappoint. Each reed is made from the best quality ghamish or yegheg, producing the richest sound possible for your Duduk.

The Zurna is another popular Middle Eastern instrument, usually played in Central Asia or the Balkans. Like the Duduk, the Zurnas for sale on this page are all professionally made with wood that is dry and aged. Each Zurna is up to professional performance standard and they are sold at very competitive prices. The Zurna instrument history is fascinating and is connected to many folk genres across the Middle East. The Zurna flute is a wonderful instrument to purchase and learn Arabic music on and we are sure you will find your perfect choice right here on this page.

The Ney is one of the most common Arabic and Middle Eastern instruments to play, making it a great purchase for those who are just starting to learn about this wonderful music. The Arabic Ney instrument comes in a variety of forms that can play varying notes and amounts of octaves. The Turkish Ney price for each of these products differs also, so you can be sure you can find your perfect budget here too. There are many Turkish Ney tutorials online that can teach you how to play Arabic Ney if you are new to this instrument.

The variety and range of Arabic, Turkish and general Middle Eastern reed instruments is second to none, especially for the competitive prices we have on offer also. We are sure you will find your next Arabic reed instrument here so you can begin your learning journey!