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Kanun is an ancient harp played on the lap. It has 3.5 octaves and endless options of sound possible by the unique concept of "Mandals" (Turkish) or "Orav" (Arabic) that allow the player to change the pitch of the single string. Read more...

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Kanuns in Middle Eastern Music

Kanun is one of the world's most fascinating instruments, with rich touching sound, yet sophisticated attitude. We are offering a selected variety of Kanuns from Turkey and from Syria. Mustafa Saglam is one the best kanun makers in the world, and we are proudly presenting his instruments here. Occasionally we will also list Syrian premium kanuns.

The Qanun is played across the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, so when you purchase a Kanun, you are purchasing an incredibly versatile instrument! The Kanun instrument origin holds a special place in folk music ensembles, especially in Turkey.

When looking for a Qanun for sale, you will find it can be quite expensive, so you will need to think carefully about your budget before you jump into choosing your instrument. Each Kanun we have on offer on this page are competitively priced and offer the top craftsmanship available. Each instrument is tested by professional musicians to ensure it is up to performance standard. Each instrument is from some of today’s best makers: Mustafa Saglam and Cankaya. As these are the most trusted Kanun makers in Turkey today. You can be assured that the level of quality of these instruments is of top standard.

About our Kanun Instruments

Each Kanun is carefully packed with modern techniques and German packing materials, ensuring that shipping will not be a problem for your newly purchased instrument! We offer shipping with PVF or Dupont Strings and all the accessories required are included. Accessories include picks, rings and a tuning wrench. This means you will be ready to use the instrument and perform with it as soon as it arrives, and you will not need to purchase any extras. The Qanun tuning and strings are perfectly set up so it is perfect for those who are buying their first Kanun.

The Kanun holds a very important place across Arabic music, and Middle Eastern music in general. By purchasing one of our Kanuns you will be purchasing a wonderful instrument letting you begin your journey into Middle Eastern music.

Read more about how to choose Kanun in our tutorial: 10 tips to choosing Turkish Kanun. We collected 10 tips from Kanun players and have them say to us the most important points when you are about to purchase such a complicated instrument. We also sell Kanun accessories and Kanun strings in case you are in need.