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A world of professional riqs is now a click away from you. Collection of in-frame tuning mechanism riqs from the best makers, with handmade hammered cymbals. If you are after an instrument with warm popular Arabic or Turkish sound, a tight Tak and deep Dum, you've just found it. Read more...

The mystic world of Arabic & Turkish neys

The Riq instrument is one of the most popular Arabic instruments on the market right now. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner to start learning it, or for someone wishing to push their percussion technique to more advanced levels. Here at Ethnic Musical we have a range of riqs for advanced and beginners, so you are sure to find the perfect choice for your current level of playing. It's highly recommended to read our article on How to choose a professional riq. We give some crucial points that you should always check prior to buying. For example, the different tuning mechanisms out there and much more.

The Riq is one of the most ancient instruments out of all the Middle Eastern instruments, and there are many infamous players who have developed outstanding technique on the instrument. There are many options to choose from with regards to the materials used in a Riq. The head is usually made from plastic, fiber or fish skin. Each material will produce its own unique sound so it is worth deciding which sound is best for your playing technique and preferences. The top materials used in our Riqs include Fiber, synthetic and fish skin.

The weight of the Riq is an important consideration as you will be holding this instrument for a long time if you plan to perform with it. Our Riqs are some of the most lightweight that you can find, ensuring that you can have maximum comfort when you are playing. Some of our instruments are as light as 700g, your hands will fly and thank you! These Riqs are perfect for beginner players needing a lighter instrument to start their learning on, and for the advanced players that want to develop new techniques or increase the playing speed.