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Here on this page we have on offer a range of frame drums that are both lightweight and tunable making them the perfect choice for beginner players. There are a variety of frame drums on offer and each of them are hand made by an experienced luthier, producing the highest level of craftsmanship. Read more...

More About Frame Drums

The frame drum is one of the most ancient Middle Eastern musical instruments, making it a unique and special purchase for anyone interested in the region’s music.  Frame drums are usually constructed with a wooden frame around the round body, and metal rings may be attached, similar to a tambourine.  Traditionally it is handheld, and made from the skin of goat or deer.  Many Daffs now have plastic skins across them too.  

The Daf drum is an extremely popular choice for percussionists playing Persian music or Middle Eastern music in general. The Daf drum has numerous variations in name and style depending on the country and region in which it is being played.  This page represents these variations, even including a Persian Daf drum for sale.  

The frame drum is a wonderful instrument to begin learning Middle Eastern music on, or to continue your learning and develop your technical percussion skills.  This instrument has been widely appropriated across the Middle Eastern region and continues to be played in religious, folk and popular music today. Here you will find a variety of frame drums on sale to suit everyone’s needs, preferences and particular budgets.