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Here you will find a wide selection of Middle Eastern, Ethinc percussion instruments made from some of the top percussion makers in this field. Each instrument is a hand made that uses the highest quality of materials available.  These Arabic percussion instruments make a wonderful choice for beginner players who are looking to begin their Middle Eastern music learning experience. Read more...

We have a selection of Davuls, Frame Drums and Riqs on offer at great prices. The top materials used include goat skin, fiber skin and unique synthetic skin to ensure that the sound production quality produced on each instrument is of a high standard. Our hand made a selection of Riqs are very popular among Arabic percussionists today. The Riq is a small, handheld drum with cymbals placed around the edges, similar to the tambourine. You can find the Riq in many Middle Eastern ensembles across Egypt to Syria. The Riq is perfect for playing very complex rhythms, so if you are looking to improve your percussion skills, the Riq could be the instrument for you! The Daff is another popular instrument within Arabic music today and is a generic name for a Turkey frame drum. The Daff has been appropriated throughout Arabic music for many years and has even become a popular choice in Arabic popular music today.

We have many different types of Arabic drums on offer here, so you are sure to find something that will not disappoint. Perhaps you want to pick up a Daf drum to learn your first Arabic songs, or maybe another type of Persian drum to learn your favorite songs. Whatever your reason for visiting this page, you have come to the perfect place to purchase your first, or next, Arabic percussion instrument.