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Variety of Turkish Ouds hand-picked from local makers in Turkey. Shop ouds from real local masters, made of the best woods and materials. For many, Turkish Ouds present the most superb handcraft and tone qualities. Read more...

So many Turkish Ouds. How to choose?

Turkish ouds are built with extreme gentle work and with a very thin layer of wood, to allow the best possible open sound. Each Oud goes through the full setup: Pegs sharpening, new Premium Kurschner© strings and a custom bone nut. That is, so you can take the oud and play it straight away.

The Turkish Oud differs from other Arabic Ouds as it is slightly smaller in size, thus giving it a much brighter and more distinct sound. If you are in the market for some Oud lessons, then check out our other pages on the website for more information on where to begin with this. If you are a beginner learner and are searching for your first oud, then your journey starts here with a variety of hand-selected instruments to suit you.

Each Turkish Oud on offer is made by trusted local makers to ensure that the level of craftsmanship is of an excellent standard. Each instrument has been tested by professional musicians so you can be assured that your new Oud will be up to an amazing performance standard! An interesting fact to know is that the string 'action', the distance between the strings and the neck is low. This helps the musician play comfortably and gives a very easy flowing feel to the oud.

You may notice that not only is it difficult to source great quality Ouds online, but it is also difficult to source ones at a good value price. Here at Ethnic Musical we pride ourselves on offering top quality instruments at competitive prices. Explore a wide range of Turkish Ouds to fit every budget. So if you are looking to upgrade your current model to a more expensive one, or if you are looking for an entry-level instrument at a low price, we have everything here you could need!

At these prices, you will struggle to find better quality Ouds online right now! Have a browse through our Turkish ouds and find the perfect one for you to suit your level, playing preferences and budget!