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Among all kinds of Ouds, the Syrian oud is the most desirable by most players. It is the legend of 'Nahat' ouds and the deep yet clear sound they produce. We present you with our hand made ouds. These ouds simply don't fail to surprise! Read more...

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The passion behind Syrian Ouds

Feel free to shop while knowing you are getting the best instrument, from the best materials and handcraft. A professional line is also featured here, with specifications such as Ebony fretboard, unique design, exotic woods, and breathtaking sound. Each Oud goes through the full setup: Pegs sharpening, new German Pyramid© strings and nut spacing. That is, so you can take the oud and play it straight away.

The Syrian Oud on sale here at Ethnic Musical is a wonderful and amazing instrument to practice your playing of Middle Eastern music. If you are a beginner player and are looking for the most iconic and rewarding Arabic instrument to play, then your journey starts here, with a variety of hand-selected instruments to choose from at highly competitive prices.

If you are thinking about buying a Syrian Oud, you are in a good company. Most players prefer it! It's one of the most preferred choices within all of the Arabic Oud types. The bowls of the Syrian oud are bigger than Turkish models, so some may find them slightly difficult to play in the beginning. Because of the larger bowl size, the sound is deeper and richer than any other sounds produced by alternative Ouds.

Each Oud we post here is made by trusted local makers to ensure that the quality is up to excellent standards. If you wish to start performing publicly with your Oud, then you are sure to find the perfect one here among this list of products. Each of our Ouds is tested by professional musicians so you can trust that you will receive one of excellent quality! We also offer Ouds on sale for unbeatable prices.

Have a browse through our Syrian Oud selection to find the one Syrian oud that you have been looking for. You will not be disappointed!