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Purchasing an electric Oud is a wonderful and exciting experience.  Not only are you purchasing one of the most iconic instruments throughout Arabic and Middle Eastern music, but you will have the ability to connect this instrument to amplification to enhance any performance experience. Read more...

Silent Oud

Each silent oud that is for sale on our page is using the Fishman 301 pickup, so you can be assured that the electric sound production on each of these instruments is of top quality. You can also choose to have your electric oud fitted with normal pegs or guitar pegs, for maximum customization. Each Oud goes through the full setup: Pegs sharpening, new original Kurschner© strings and nut spacing. That is, so you can take the oud and play it straight out of the box.

When purchasing an electric Oud there are many considerations. First, you will obviously want the instrument that is the most comfortable to play. You will also want an electric Oud that will give you that unique sound design for a great sound on stage. You will want one with its own unique flair. Luckily, you have come to the right place. Our range of electric Ouds each have their own unique pros, and are perfect for anyone looking to begin playing this wonderful instrument, or upgrade their current Oud to enhance their public performances.

Turkish Electric Oud

Purchasing an electric Oud will enable you to understand and play Arabic & Turkish music to a much higher level. You can find a variety of information sources on our website about Turkish Oud lessons or Arabic Oud lessons. Check our full tutorial on how to choose an electric oud.

Our Ouds online include Turkish oud, Syrian and Arabic ouds for sale. Some of our Turkish electric Ouds can be used both acoustically and electrically, so they are perfect for anyone that wants the best of both worlds! The Syrian electric Ouds are some of the biggest Ouds to play on, so you will have to consider this before you purchase one as they can be difficult to play for some people.