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The Oud is one of the most iconic Arabic instruments around.  Learning this instrument would be a wonderful stepping stone into the magical music of the Middle Eastern world.  Of course, there are many variations of this instrument depending on the country, region and context in which the instrument is being played. Buy an oud online, we have a variety of Arabic, Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi Oud and electric ouds, so you are sure to find one that fits the purpose in which you are buying the instrument for. Read more...

To buy an Oud online takes a little more research and preparation, as you will want to ensure it is definitely the right choice for you before you make the purchase. You will want to think what kind of Oud you want; An Arabic oud vs a Turkish Oud, an electric or an acoustic one. The Arabic Oud Tuning and the Turkish Oud tuning can vary depending on the music, so this will need to be a consideration also. An Arabic oud for sale and even Turkish ouds for sale can cost quite a bit, so you will have to carefully think about your budget for this instrument before you start searching. Of course, each of our ouds for sale are competitively priced while offering you premium craftsmanship.

Our hand selected Ouds from today’s best makers are one of a kind, unique instrument. There is definitely the perfect Oud for everyone here on this page. All Ouds are tested by professional musicians, so you can be sure that the Oud you are purchasing is of great standard for performing. If you are a beginner player and want to learn how to play the Oud, we have a variety of information sources on our website about learning the Oud online and what you should look for and think about before you start your Oud lessons.