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Turkish Lavta

Are you searching for the perfect Lavta to begin your learning process of Middle Eastern music? Look no further than this page. Here are have carefully selected and produced the finest Lavtas by Turkey’s best makers. Each instrument you will find on this page has been tested by Lavta players famous for their music and their performance style. You can be assured that each instrument here is up to the standards of famous players! Using Ozten strings for all instruments ensures that the sound produced by each of the instruments is of top quality, perfectly crafted for the use in performance halls. Our range of Lavtas will not let you down if you are a seasoned performer in need of an instrument to fill the entire concert hall with its sound.

These Turkish instruments are fascinating to learn about Middle Eastern music on, and you will not regret purchasing one of these amazing instruments. The Lavta is an instrument that was extremely popular in the early 20th century for Greek and Armenian communities within Istanbul. Although similar to an oud, the Lavta actually only has 7 strings in 4 courses and is also tuneable. Each instrument can be tuned to a variety of tunings depend on the context of the music.

These professionally designed and produced Lavtas are a bargain considering the high quality of materials and craftsmanship involved with making each of them. You will struggle to find such competitive prices for these instruments anywhere else! The Turkish instruments for sale on this page are among the most unique in the world, and for these prices, you can not pass up this opportunity to learn to play it.

If you are hoping to start your musical learning of traditional Turkish instruments then purchasing your first Lavta would be a wonderful place to start!