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Here you will find a large variety of Turkish bowed instruments, including the Classical Kemence, Black Sea Kemence and the Kabak Kemane. These wonderful stringed instruments are all made with careful craftsmanship by makers with years of experience. Each instrument has been tested by many professional musicians. Read more...

Classical Kemence, Classical kemençe

similar to a small violin, is a very popular Turkish folk instrument, with many variants of the instrument depending on the region and the context. This fascinating instrument was once used during the Ottoman period within the Black Sea region. It is designed in a pear shape and it is most commonly played with it sitting on the player’s lap, unlike a traditional violin. Made from a variety of woods, the craftsmanship on the Kemence is truly marvelous, and you can be assured that each of these instruments on this page has been built to the highest of qualities. The Kabak Kemane is another variation of this Turkish folk instrument and is played with string strings. The classical Kemence, as it is so commonly named nowadays, is a wonderful way to understand and learn the music of the Middle East. The tuning of this instrument can vary depending on the country and region in which it is being played.

Each Classical Kemence on this site is hand crafted with care and years of experience behind the craftsmanship of each instrument. A professional bow is included and accessories for the Kemence is available from our site at unbeatable prices. Should you require extra strings for your kemence, Ethnic Musical also provides a wide variety of strings at competitive prices. Each instrument that you see on this page today has been made from today’s best classic kemence makers, including Seyda Hacizad, Orhan Osman and more. You can be assured that your Kemence purchased will be of performance standard as every instrument is tested by professional musicians for outstanding sound.

This Turkish instrument is a wonderful way to begin learning, or expanding your knowledge on Arabic and Middle Eastern Music. The variety of Kemence instruments that you can find on this page are of outstanding quality and are fully tested by professional musicians to ensure that they are up to performance standard. Have a browse now to find your perfect Kemence at a highly competitive price.

The Black Sea Kemence, or as known as Kemençe of the Black Sea we have on sale on this page have a soft gig bag included, and are crafted to an exceptional standard by makers with years of experience. The variety of these Turkish string instruments that are on sale within this page will insure that there is the right choice for everyone here. Have a look through these wonderful instruments at highly competitive prices to begin your learning of Middle Eastern music.

Kemençe of the Black Sea, Black Sea Kemence

The Kemençe of the Black Sea is a Turkish Kemence, sometimes referred to as the Black Sea Kemence, due to its popularity within the Black Sea region. Here at Ethnic Musical we have a variety of authentic black sea kemenes made by local makers to ensure that the level of craftsmanship is excellent and at a professional quality to suit professional players.

Each Karadeniz Kemence that we have on offer on this page is made by a trusted luthier, ensuring that the Black Sea Kemence that you will purchase is of excellent quality. You can be assured that you will be getting one of the best made Karadeniz Kemences online! There are a variety of models to choose from to suit your needs and depending on your level of playing. Perhaps you are a beginner learner and you need an instrument to suit this, or perhaps you are a more advanced player looking to upgrade your current Kemence. Whatever your needs, we have models here to suit everyone’s wants and preferences! Models with pickups are available also, making it perfect for those gigging musicians who need an electric Kemence on stage.

Whatever your reasoning for purchasing a Karadeniz Kemence you will not be disappointed with the level of craftsmanship here at Ethnic Musical. At these prices, you will struggle to find quality such as this anywhere else online. Have a browse through our Kemence models now to get the original sound of the Black Sea magic!