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Lavta Strings

All About Lavta Strings

Purchasing new strings for your Lavta can be a difficult and confusing endeavour! Not only is it difficult to find high quality strings for this instrument online, but they can also be quite expensive. If you are searching for the perfect set of strings for your own Lavta, and competitive prices then you have come to the right place. On this page, we have a variety of Lavta strings by Kurschner and Ozten. These string makers are some of the best makers across the Middle East and you can be assured that the strings that are available to purchase on this page are some of the world’s best selling Lavta strings. The Lavta strings that we provide are trusted by hundreds of Lavta players around the world. Each set of strings are tested by professional Arabic musicians so each purchase you make will certainly be up to performance standard.

Lavta strings by Kurschner & Kenan Ozten

We are selling original Kurschner & Kenan Ozten strings. These 2 brands have made their fame to be the best brands to fit the Lavta.
Ensuring that your Lavta has new and high quality strings replaced regularly will enhance the sound quality production of the instrument immensely. If you have been practicing hard or publicly performing regularly, then this is even more important for you. Choosing the correct set of strings and ensuring that these strings are changed regularly will be vital in the upkeep and caring of your instrument. We are sure you want to look after your instrument as carefully as possible, so no wait any longer to get your hands on a new set of strings for this wonderful instrument now!