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Strings Classical Kemençe & Black Sea Kemence

Are you searching for your next set of Clasical Kemençe Strings? Having trouble finding an appropriate set at great prices? Then look no further, here at Ethnic Musical we have you covered. Here you will find a variety of Kemence strings but Kurschner and Ozten, some of the best makers of strings for Middle Eastern instruments around.

The Kabak Kemane strings for sale on this page are of the best quality you can find for Arabic musical strings, and at highly competitive prices. Who doesn’t want some of the world’s best selling Kemençe strings for unbeatable prices that won’t break the bank? Each set of our strings are trusted by hundreds of Kemenche players around the world and are each individually tested and tried by professional Turkish musicians. If you purchase your next set of strings for your Kemenche from us at Ethnic Musical then you can be assured they will enhance the quality of your instrument and will be top standard for performance playing.

A classical Kemence is one of the most unique and fascinating instruments in the world. Purchasing or owning an instrument like this is a wonderful experience, and it is vital that you maintain the upkeep of the instrument. Part of this upkeep is, of course, regularly changing the strings and ensuring they are strings of top quality is vital. Great strings will ensure that the tuning on the Turkish instrument is maintained and also that the sound is bright and powerful. Have a look through our strings and find the perfect set for your instrument.