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Cumbus Strings

The Cümbüş, also sometimes referred to as the Jumbus, is a relatively new instrument in the Middle Eastern world. It is a Turkish string instrument and resembles the Oud, saz or even tabnur. Read more…

Accessories for Kanun

With 12 strings, the Cumbus needs a lot of care when it comes to string replacement. It is vital that the strings on your Cumbus are of original and replaced regularly to ensure that the sound quality is of top standard. We offer all cumbus strings: Cumbus saz strings, Cumbus Oud strings, Cumbus Cura and more. You will not have any difficulty finding the appropriate set of strings for your Cumbus here! We also offer all our strings at highly competitive prices, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to ensure your instrument is maintained at a good standard. All of the strings we have for sale on this page are used by professional Turkish musicians, so you can be assured that the quality of each product is up to performance standard. We are selling only original Zeynel Abidin Cumbus strings, imported directly from the factory. If you are searching for the best strings around for the best online prices and free shipping, then you have arrived at the right page!

Play Cumbus!

Cumbus is a wonderful instrument to play. It is vital that your instrument’s strings are changed regularly and are of the best quality to ensure the sound that you produce is of performance standard. Look no further for amazing strings at great prices.