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On this page you will find a variety of strings available for your Arabic instruments, made from top brand. For Oud, Saz, Kanun and more. Read more...

Strings for Arabic & Turkish Musical Instruments

Purchasing new and high quality sets of strings for your Middle Eastern instrument is vital in ensuring that your instrument is producing the best sound possible. This is especially true if you are an avid performer. All those long hours of playing your instrument on stage will take its toll, and it is important that you regularly replace your strings to ensure your instrument is looked after. Our selection of strings are not only from some of the best makers in the Middle East, but are also some of the best prices online that you will find right now.

There is a perfect match for everyone here. We pride ourselves in ensuring that a large variety and selection of strings are on offer to suit everyone’s needs, preferences and budget. Once you know your budget, you will be able to filter all these choices to make it easy to find your perfect set of strings for your Oud, Kanun or Saz. You will struggle to find such quality strings online at these competitive prices anywhere else!

If you are a beginner player and are in need of setting up your instrument for the first time, or you are an advanced player and simply need to purchase a new set of strings for the upkeep of your instrument, then look no further. You definitely have come to the right place! Improve your instrument’s sound with today’s newest strings at great prices.