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Saz Accessories

So you are searching for some top quality accessories for your Saz? Then look no further! Here at Ethnic Musical we are the one-stop shop for all Saz Accessories. Read more…

Buy Saz Accessories

To generally maintain the upkeep of this instrument, you will at some point need to purchase new accessories and additions. Saz cases, picks will ensure that you can play the Baglama Saz as comfortably as possible. The sound production of your Turkish Saz will be at the best quality possible.

We have a large variety of accessories on offer on this page including and this is your place for saz cases and saz picks. We offer the best prices and variety online right now. Perhaps you are searching for new bags, a new gig bag or some spare picks for when you are on the road, Ethnic Musical has all the accessories you could need for your Saz right here for the best prices around! When in need, we usually stock Saz pegs made of ebony wood. So if you have a broken peg you can replace it easily.

If you have just recently purchased a Saz, you may be interested in taking Baglama lessons to learn how to play the Saz. Check out the rest of our website for up to date information on how to perfect your playing and organize the perfect lessons for you.