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In order to keep your Arabic Oud & Turkish oud in top shape, we advise using extra accessories and additions. This will ensure that you can play to maximum comfort, but also that the sound production of your oud is of the best standard it can be. Read more...


Accessories for Arabic & Turkish Oud

Oud accessories from OXY Oud cases, Rubber and the world’s best brands for Oud Cases. If you are after an Oud stand, you can find your perfect one here, made of wood or aluminum. You can be assured that every product mentioned on this page has been tested by professional musicians and is of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. We have a large variety of accessories on offer, including products that will be difficult to find anywhere else online, especially at these prices! From unique oud rishas (picks) sold exclusively in Ethnic Musical, to oud gig bags, to extra pegs, we have every kind of accessory you could want or need for your Oud musical instrument. Have a browse now to find your perfect addition to your Oud package for unbeatable prices!

It happens sometimes that a peg brakes. So in case, you want to get prepared, or just upgrade your Oud's pegs. We are selling the world's best ebony pegs for Oud. When it comes to picks (rishas), you will find Mustafas's patent risha and oud picks from natural materials. All made at the highest quality to ensure easy and fun playing experience.

Learning to Play Oud

The Oud is one of the most recognized and popular instruments out of all the Middle Eastern Instruments. It is a fascinating instrument to play and begin your journey on learning about Arabic music with. If you are in the market for a new Oud, check out our page on the instrument to buy your oud online now from a reputable company, operating since 2009. If you are searching for Oud lessons then you have also come to the right place. On Ethnic Musical you will find a lot of information about how to learn the oud and finding Turkish Oud lessons online.