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At Ethnic Musical we offer a variety of accessories for your Kanun. Each product will maximise your comfort while playing, and also help you enhance the sound of your qanun. Read more...

Accessories for Kanun

kanun pegs, kanun cases and kanun bridges, everything for your kanun that you could need! If you are merely looking for Kanun mizarb we have quite a few. From special natural material to plastic ones - you are covered. It can be difficult to source qanun accessories online so we have compiled all the necessary products in one place, from the top makers. It's good to know that each of these accessories for your Kanun is offered at the best prices online. You no longer have to worry about breaking the bank to stock up on qanun strings or other additions!

The products you will find on this page are perfect for beginner players who are looking to stock up on everything they would need in the future, or selected products for advanced musicians who are in need of additions to their gear for performing publicly.

In case you are after a Kanun stand, we have the world's best Kanun Stand. it's fully adjustable, both the height and the angle of the notes stand. It's massive enough to make sure your instrument is safe and sound!.

Learning and buying Qanun

The Qanun is one of the most popular Middle Eastern instruments and is played across, not only in the Middle East, but North Africa and Central Asia. If you are hoping to purchase your first Kanun, or need an upgrade to your current one, check out our Kanun for sale instruments on our other pages. Likewise, if you are in the market for some Kanun lessons, Ethnic Musical has a lot of information about where to look online.

Buying a kanun is not an easy task. We have contacted a few Kanun musicians to get the best advice on how to by a kanun. The full guide is available in our blog and you can check it out here: The full guide to buying Kanun. Make sure to read it before making up your mind.