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1950 the qualified string maker Herbert Kuerschner decided to set up his own manufacture. He started gut strings for surgical use, so called Catgut, technical use as tow lines in machines and looms, for the clockmaker and last but not least for musical instruments. Herbert passed his apprenticeship in the former german center of gut string manufacture in Klingenthal and Markneukirchen in 1931. 1980 Bernd Kürschner continued the company.

He advanced the range and developed a lot of new types of strings, like Luxline or Catline. Always in collaboration with musicians and instrument maker, to get the best possible tonal characteristics for the strings. Following the tradition of historical gut string making we have made great efforts to improve and maintain the highest quality standards. We now offer the world’s largest range of gut strings of all kinds.

Over time, the program was expanded with synthetic strings of nylon and fluorocarbon, as well as ones with gut-, nylon- or steel core. Most recently we have established our own testing and analyzing facilities enabling us to determine the physical characteristics of different string materials and material combinations. Since 2013 we Hannah and Jonas Kürschner continued the company from our father.