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The best kamancha players

We are often receiving mails from people who are curious about the different between Azerbaijani Kamancha to Persian kamancheh. Usually we send them to dig in youtube, but finally I took the time to write a post with my favourite musicians, focusing on this post on Azerbaijani style.

For the first video, I chose to start with a short film (13 minutes) that accompanies 2 of the greatest musicians of Azerbaijan and Armenia. The movie also takes you to the maker of their instruments, and in between you get a chance to hear how a Kamancha really sounds like, in the most authentic way.

From here naturally we continue to the one and only, Habil Aliyev:


One of the most exciting musicians in Baku is no doubt Elshan Mansurov, that also teaches there in the University. Check out our post about our visit to Baku. This song is uploaded by us for your pleasure:


The guy that took the crown from Habil after his death, is a relatively young guy named Imamyar Hasanov. He is the rising star in Azerbaijan today.

Another musician worth knowing is Munis Sharifov that although tends to play rather Azerbaijani pop, he can also suprise with some real Mugham diamonds.


We were lucky enough to catch Farida in her classroom, check it out:


With his distinctive percussive stiff sound, Mirnazim Asadullayev is amazingly accurate and technical. Weather you like it, or it really disturbs you.


There are so many out there more and we’re sure we’ve missed them. Comment below with your favourite Kamancha players and we will add them here.

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