Who are we?

We are a group of ethnic music specialist, located in the Middle East. Surrounded by Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Caucasian music from all sides. We provide our customers real hand picked instruments. In Ethnic Musical you can find variety of traditional instruments from top end makers.

The idea behind

We have deep musical understanding of each instrument in the shop. This is particularly important when buying instruments in the internet. Here you are safe to know that we are carefully choosing the instrument for you. We constantly visit makers around the world to make sure it they stand for the high standard of our customers.


In 2008, we realized that musical instruments from the middle east, must be more accessible. We put a lot of thought when it came to choose our makers. We are happy to lead the scene of ethnic musical instruments in the internet.

Our expertise


Ouds, Frame drums, Kanun, Buzuq

The  great luthiers of the arabic world were born and raised in this fascinating country. Ouds, Kanuns and Buzuqs are made in Syria in meticulous hand craft by world renewed masters.


Daf, Santur, Kamancheh, Dayere, Tombak.

The ancient ansector of most musical instruments. The  Persian empire has given the world a musical treasure. Iran’s uniqe Instruments are it’s prominent heritage until this very day.


Kamancha, Gaval, Azeri tar

The true sound of the Caucasus. Musical mysteries from Azerbaijan’s mountains are full of secret. It is small, but full of ancient unique musical traditions.


Saz, Kanun, Oud, Frame drums, Turkish Ney

The hypnotizing sounds of the ney, the clear-sweet sound of the Oud, and the fun of strumming the saz. We are working with masters such as the Akdeniz brothers, to provide you with the finest instruments from Turkey.


Duduk, Pku, Zurna

A variety of professional winds is waiting for you. master Karen Hakobayan and other makers, making for us the finest Armenian winds available. All made of real old Armenian apricot wood.


Oud, Ney, Rabab, Sumsumia

The pearl of the middle east, and the ground for it’s best musicians. Egyptian ney, Egyptian ouds are among our musical instruments from Egypt.