Duduk And Beyond – An Instrument With A Soul Of A Human

Fine quality professional Armenian Duduk - Master Galstyan

The History Of The Duduk – Where Did It Start? There is not other instrument that can express the Armenian’s people emotions, better than the Armenian duduk. Evolving in the far dawn of Armenia – the duduk is 100% Armenian. It’s colorful touching sound has brought it to their daily life. Today, there’s no festival, […]

Master Galstyan

About Master Galstyan Master Galust Galstyan and his family have been making Duduks for over 40 years. He has made instruments for Armenia’s most famous duduk players as well. Galstyan’s musical instruments are recognized all over the world. The fine handwork results with instruments that have the highest sound quality, clean timbre and impressive look. […]

A-Z of riqs

Hasan Abdel Maged professional fish skin riq

Riq and frame drums Frame drums are found in many cultures, and have long lasting history. Examples of many different kinds, are replicated in clay statues, hand writings, paintings and popular art. The first place where the frame drum is found, is in Mesopotamia in the 3000BC. The idea and concept of smaller frame drums […]