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James Bass
18/11/2020 00:18:00
I bought this cool Oud recently, and so far, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I love that I get to enjoy both worlds with the option of switching from semi-acoustic to electric without changing instruments. It has a beautiful and authentic sound that will mesmerize your audience; either way, you play it. This beauty is perfect for rocking out the folk-rock music I play, but you can also play any kind of rock, jazz, funk, the blues, and many other types of music as well. 
I like the artistic yet simple, hand-crafted design; it’s a lovely instrument. It’s not too big or bulky, so it’s perfect for traveling or touring.
The only down-side I’ve come across is that it doesn’t have the right sound that it needs to play the traditional Arabic music I enjoy playing.
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11/11/2020 23:13:10
Very good, thank you
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Quality Arabic Ney Nay Plastic 440HZ tuned photo review
Hanna Zakour
09/11/2020 03:15:34
It’s amazing i can play with strong and warm sounds
It’s amazing i can play with strong and warm flute sounds
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Sami Kirkland
07/11/2020 20:07:00
I purchased this oud specifically because I went on a trip to the middle east and I heard the most beautiful music played from an oud made of mahogany wood. This oud creates tones that are identical to those authentic sounds I heard on my travels overseas. Definitely a great buy.
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05/11/2020 13:08:11
Solid product
Second oud purchased from Ethnic Musical and not disappointed. Good solid instrument and never far from my side. Cosmetically, some overglue deposits around soundboard but doesn't affect sound or playability.
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Mandal Salloum
04/11/2020 13:04:00
I could talk all day about the benefits of this instrument. The strings are amazing. The pegs making tuning so easy. But for some reason the thing that I’m the most enchanted with and stare at all the time is the design on the bottom of the bowl. It’s beautiful.
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