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Leanne Brett
20/10/2020 15:20:00
A beautiful instrument! After a lot of searching for the right instrument, I'm so pleased that I went with this one. The sound is authenticly arabic and reminds me of the music my grandfather used to play when I was younger. A true classical oud for traditional musicians.
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Lilah Reeves
18/10/2020 22:18:00
I've been looking for an oud for so long that produces an authentic Syrian sound. There's lots of similar ouds out there, but nothing has been quite how I remember. When my husband first played this one it brought a tear to my eye - it sounds so very beautiful!
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Ney Flute
09/10/2020 20:13:19
This is a wonderful instrument, and is well-tuned.
The ney was received with the exterior oiled, but one should also oil in the interior as well, especially the uppermost section or the "sound box". Remove the baspare and oil well the topmost section - you will see an improvement in the response and sound of the ney.
The carry case is also very handy and will help protect the ney when not in use.
I like very much this instrument by Master Huseyin, and recommend it to anyone who wants to play the ney!
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Abdullahi Aman
02/10/2020 02:02:00
This oud produces a unique quality of tone I have never heard before with any other oud. I do wish the coloring were different. Perhaps not so light on the front.
Reply from Ethnic Musical:
Thanks for your nice feedback, just a quick note: We don't use any colors on the top of the Oud, it is the natural color of the Spruce
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Tariq Yassin
30/09/2020 21:30:00
This oud exceeds all my previous expectations. Although it is a bit pricey, it really is worth every penny. My favorite thing about this piece is the decorative center and edging on the cedar top. Anything that adds to the outer appearance always tends to catch my eye. Plus the combination of the cedar and walnut is absolutely beautiful.
This oud plays warmer tones, which is slightly different than other ouds I have previously owned, but I love to have some variation in sound between my instruments. The standard size is perfect because it makes it easy to switch from one oud to another without having to adjust to the size differences. This oud also came with a soft case, but I prefer to keep it on a stand to display its beauty. Overall, the craftsmanship and attention to detail are truly outstanding.
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22/09/2020 23:10:32
Beautifully made, wonderful sound, in a nice carry case too, thankyou to the craftsman.
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